Can activewear be used for swimming?

Hi, friends, do you have a lot of sports clothes at home, looking at these sports clothes, do you have a doubt? Can activewear be used for swimming? Can sportswear have multiple uses? Are there any sports clothes that can be used for both sports and swimming, which will not only save money but also save closet storage space? Most of the answers to this question are” NO”, but you might get a different answer from me.

What is activewear?

Activewear, also can be called “Sportswear”, it refers to clothing specifically used for sports, in a broad sense, clothing worn for outdoor sports. Activewear can be divided into track and field clothes, ball clothes, gymnastics clothes, mountaineering clothes, yoga clothes and so on. People choose different performance sports clothes by participating in sports.

What is a swimsuit?

Swimsuit refers to the special clothing used to show the body in water or on the beach, as well as in modeling and beauty pageants. It has variations such as one-piece, two-piece and three-point (bikini). Swimsuits are suitable for different occasions, such as bathing in hot springs to choose a beautiful swimsuit, for swimming competitions to choose clothes that reduce drag, for ordinary occasions to choose both beautiful and practical swimsuits. At the same time, swimming styles are becoming more and more diverse and fashionable. You can choose according to your own preferences and needs.

The functions of sports clothes

1, Helpful and protective

The greatest function of sportswear is that it can maximize the potential of athletes and protect the safety of athletes.

2, Water resistance and permeability

When we exercise outdoors, we need sports clothes to prevent rain, but at the same time, we also need the function of sweating. Sportswear takes advantage of the tension on the surface of liquid water. Sportswear fabrics are coated with chemicals that increase the fabric’s surface tension, making it harder for rain to enter. But at the same time the coating is porous, so our sweat (water in the form of steam) is easily expelled.

3, Moisture absorption and quick drying

We sweat a lot when we exercise, so another feature of exercise clothes is that they drain sweat quickly

4, Antifouling and easy decontamination

When we do outdoor sports, it is easy to get some stains, such as oil stains, mud spots and so on. Sportswear is designed to change the properties of fabric fibers and increase the tension on the surface of the fabric so that stains are hard to get in.

The functions of swimsuit

1, Beautiful

Swimsuits aren’t just for swimming. a big function of a swimsuit is beauty. For example, when playing on the beach, every girl’s idea is that I should wear a beautiful and attractive swimsuit. Another example is in the beauty scene, the swimsuit can well show the model’s figure, adding highlights to the model.

2, Reduce resistance

Swimsuits are designed to be very tight, which has the advantage of reducing drag. The less resistance you have in swimming, the faster you can swim. At the same time, the material of the swimsuit is mostly made of nylon cloth, which is a little bright color, comfortable to wear, elastic, reduce resistance and so on.

3, Protect your skin

Swimming pools contain a certain amount of chlorinated water, which can harm our skin to some extent. Therefore, wearing swimsuits can protect our skin as much as possible, especially for people who swim in the pool frequently.

Of course, different uses of clothing have different functions, here I just list a few.

Similar uses, different functions

Both activewear and swimsuits are used for sports, but they are not shared in most cases because they are made of different materials and serve different functions. Sportswear has too much resistance in the water for swimming; And the swimsuit is too tight, and the surface is too slippery for running, etc.

So, Can activewear be used for swimming?

This issue is a hot topic, and businesses are starting to innovate after seeing customers’ demands. With so much focus on versatility, businesses are looking to improve. According to the requirements of sports and swimming, combined with the functions needed by both, businesses have innovated dual-function clothes and these clothes are novel and fashionable. So, can activewear be used to swim? Of course, the answer is “YES “. The appearance of these clothes can solve your problem.

What kind of fabric do you choose?

So, having introduced so much content, if you want to buy dual-function clothes, how to choose fabrics? You can choose some natural fabrics, such as bamboo fiber. Firstly, the fabric is natural, it won’t be damaged or deformed by chlorides in the swimming pool like regular sportswear. Secondly, these fabrics are flexible and suitable for making swimsuits; Finally, these fabrics are natural, so they are less harmful to our skin. Of course, there are a variety of other fabrics, you can according to your own needs to buy.


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