introduction of fabric of yoga leggings

Introduction of Fabric of Yoga Leggings

The fabric of yoga leggings is an important consideration for us to choose a pair of yoga leggings, on which wearing comfort depends the most. Let’s see what kind of fabric for yoga leggings is the most suitable.

Generally speaking, nylon is very common on the market, which has the best performance price ratio. It has high wear resistance and good toughness property. And it has also better hygroscopicity, which means absorbing sweat very well; and it is light, suitable for clothes.

Then spandex is also added into the fabric, which has good elasticity and elastic retraction, making you doing various movements during yoga, meanwhile avoiding embarrassment by damaging the clothes due to the large movements.

Sometimes polyester will also be added because it;s not easy to wrinkle。

Doing yoga will cause people sweating much, such kind of fabric with nylon, spandex and polyester is the best match for yoga leggings.


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