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What Are The Features of Sportswear?

What are the features of sportswear today? No matter young people or adults, they are all addicted to doing sports to keep healthy. In order to help you do sports with more comfort, sportswear manufacturers regularly make new changes to sportswear. The most important aspect of these clothes is the fabric, on which much depends. Textile trends aim to meet the following important principles.

What Are The Features of Sportswear

1. Lightweight

The technical fabrics used by sportswear manufacturers are light in weight and very thin, so they can minimize the friction between clothes and skin, which helps to improve performance.

2. Durability

The fabric won’t lose its strength even if it is made lighter. In sports, your clothes are often used roughly, so you can’t wear delicate clothes that tear easily. So, sportswear manufacturers make sure to use high-quality polyester material, which has micro-mesh to increase strength.

3. Sweat absorption

Nowadays,  the performance of the athletes depends much on modern technology clothing and equipment. The essential factor hindering the performance is sweat. When you exercise, you will absolutely sweat a lot. Then your clothes will absorb sweat and become heavy, making you feel uncomfortable. But high-tech fabrics have moisture absorption function. Therefore, the fabric will absorb sweat from the body and release it into the environment. Thus, your skin and your clothes are dry, so that you can relax during workout.

4. Antibacterial and SPF

Sportswear manufacturers are now focusing on the smallest part of all details, and have developed fabrics with antibacterial features. This helps to prevent skin infection and itching, which is common when you play and sweat on the court for a long time. Sun protection factor (SPF) is another extra function that can protect you from the biting sun.

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