What is a Sports Bra

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What is a sports bra?

Sports bras are a kind of bras garment. It is a bra designed for exercise. It is to avoid women’s breasts from being damaged during exercise.

The average person can move their breasts 135 meters for every mile they run, according to research by Dr. Scurr at the University of Portsmouth in the UK. The violent rocking of a woman’s breasts can damage the elastic fibrous tissue in the breast. If this tissue is permanently damaged, it can deform the chest.

Historical development

Our corsets have actually been around since ancient Rome. But corsets, despite their long history, have been slow to develop. Later, ergonomics was applied to the design of corsets.

The sports bra is based on the development of corsets. Sports bras first appeared in the United States. The goal was to prevent breast exertion and to keep it dry.

With the progress of society, the position of the sports bra is more and more important. Today’s sports bra is not only about protecting the chest but also about looking good.

So, what’s the difference between sports bras and regular bras? Can we wear sports bras as regular bras in our daily lives? Let’s take a look.

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Different functions

Sports bras are mainly used for fitness. Its main emphasis is on athletic function. Its main function is to stabilize the chest and reduce the damage caused by movement. At the same time, sports bras also have the function of absorbing sweat and deodorizing.

In addition to protecting the chest, regular bras can also help shape the body. It can show off our figure.

Different comfort levels

Sports bras are made of soft, breathable fabric. And general sports bras are not underwired and wear more comfortable on the body.

Generally, ordinary bras in order to achieve a good shaping effect will have an underwire. Regular bras are less comfortable than sports bras.

Different fabrics

We generally sweat a lot when we exercise, so fabrics of sports bras are selected with strong water absorption and quick drying. Therefore, sports bras are usually made of polyester.

But ordinary bras are usually made of cotton material. This material is softer.

I would advise against wearing sports bras as regular bras. Sports bras have no shaping effect on the chest. If we treat sports bras as ordinary bras for a long time, the chest will not be in good shape.

The role of sports bras
  1. When we are doing strenuous exercise, we just need a sports bra. It reduces the amount of shaking in the chest, sports bras can reduce the risk of chest injury.
  2. Sports bras are good for sweating and are breathable, which is good for chest health.
  3. Sports bras can reduce friction.
  4. Sports bras can make sports easier and more convenient.
  5. Wear sports bras not only for strenuous exercise but also for other sports. For example, yoga, Pilates, and so on.
  6. Sports bras can make us look more energetic.

How to choose the right sports bras?

A few tips for picking sports bras

  • Look at the fabric

Fabric is very important. We sweat when we exercise, so we have to choose fabrics that are breathable. Otherwise, comfort will decrease. Another important thing is sports bras are close-fitting clothing, so we should choose non-irritating materials.

  • Size

Check your top bust, bottom bust, and cup shape first. After determining the size, you can choose sports bras. My advice is to try it on yourself. Because every company has different measurements.

When trying on, be careful to check that the sports bra is snug. You can move your body and feel if it is comfortable.

  • Exercise intensity

Sports bras are generally divided into high-strength support, medium-strength support, and low-strength support. I recommend knowing the intensity of exercise before choosing sports bras. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, be sure to opt for high-support bras. Because the high-strength support bra’s anti-shaking effect is better. If you’re going for a slow workout, I suggest you invest in sports bras with low support. Because it’s a little more comfortable.

  • Shoulder strap style

My advice is to buy sports bras with wide straps. Sports bras with thin straps can be very uncomfortable. At the same time, wide shoulder straps are more supportive. It is best to buy sports bras that can adjust the tightness of the straps, which will be more suitable for your situation.


  • Brand and price

No matter what brand it is, the most important thing is to try it on. Because every brand determines cup size differently. Please be sure to try on sports bras. There are a variety of prices for sports bras. My advice is to buy more cost-effective sports bras. However, always remember to choose them according to the intensity of your exercise.

  • Ductility

Look for stretchy sports bras. The more stretchable the bras, the more helpful they will be when you’re doing a wide range of exercises.

  • Style

Be sure to choose sports bras that match your bust shape.

The style of sports bras

There are two common styles of sports bras.

  1. Compression

Compression bras are designed to hold your breasts against your chest to reduce the amount of shaking. But these sports bras simply cover your chest completely, giving you a strong compression hold on your chest. So this kind of sports bra is mainly suitable for girls with small breasts.


  1. Encapsulation

Unlike compression sports bras, encapsulation sports bras are similar in shape to regular bras. But it doesn’t have an underwire. Encapsulation sports bras are not about forcing your breasts into your bras. They are suitable for girls with larger breasts.


  1. Other sports bras

There are many other types of sports bras. You can choose your bras according to your preference. But be careful, make sure to match the intensity of exercise.


Today we come to know what is sports bras, as well as the role of sports bras, the difference between sports bras and ordinary sports bras, the history of sports bras, sports bras style, and the selection of sports bras skills. I hope you can get some inspiration from my sharing. Well, that’s all for today. If you have any questions that you would like to discuss, please feel free to comment. Have a good time!


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