How To Find Seamless Sports Bra Manufacturers?

First, Find acquaintances. Talk to the factory where your previous employer worked or worked as an intern; Or find your classmates, friends, former colleagues, etc. to see if there are any factories with a good reputation that you know or have worked with, and ask them to introduce them. The introduction of acquaintances, negotiation and cooperation will be smoother.

Second, Find the fabric suppliers, printing factories, embroidery factories and accessories suppliers that you know. There are many garment factories that they know and have worked with, so you can ask them to introduce them. If your original cooperative relationship is good, they are also willing to help.

Third, Search on google and other search engines. Google, bing, etc. are professional information platforms where you can type your keywords, such as “Seamless Sports BRA Supplier”, “BRA Manufacturers”, etc. Of course, please be sure to confirm whether the quality and price of the samples are suitable before cooperation.

Fourthly, Visit the industrial zone in person. Cowboys: Guangzhou Xintang and Shunde Jun ‘an; sweaters: Dongguan Da Lang and Zhuhai; needle weaving: Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Dongguan and Shenzhen; fur: Haining; men’s underwear: Zhongshan Xiaolan; women’s underwear: Foshan Nanhai; down jackets: around Zhejiang. Before going, it is suggested to search online and contact some target factories in the past.

Through the above channels, the activewear factories that have collected the required categories should first know by telephone what types each factory is best at. For example, knitted garment factories, which make sweaters and T-shirts, have a simple process. If they combine their own product styles, can they make styles with more complicated processes?

Seamless knitting garment factories make shirts, skirts and trousers. Woven fabrics are also divided into thick and thin fabrics. Can chiffon and silk fabrics in thin fabrics be made well? Have a preliminary understanding, make a record, and then go to the factory for on-the-spot investigation and communication to see if it matches. If both parties are willing to cooperate, they can talk about the terms of cooperation. The next step is to sample, negotiate the price, sign the contract, pay the deposit, produce, pay the final payment and deliver the goods.

Wholesale seamless sports bra manufacturers in China

Factories of a certain scale will require a certain order quantity. If your order quantity is very small, it’s possible that they won’t cooperate with you, but don’t worry too much. You can find the right one by looking, seeing and communicating more.

If the order quantity is particularly small, you can purchase flour accessories by yourself and find a small processing factory for processing. In Zhongda Kangle Village, Lujiang in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Tangxi Xianggang in Baiyun District, Dongpu in Tianhe District, and near Panyu Shiqiao, look for those small processing factories that can make small batch orders. However, these processing factories mainly do wholesale and e-commerce products, and the quality is average, so you should keep an eye on them. If the quality requirements are high, it is not recommended to find these small processing plants.

Wholesale Sports Bra Production Flow

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