How to get smell out of gym clothes

How to get smell out of gym clothes?

Nowadays, bodybuilding becomes a fashion.  However, there is a problem surrounding gymnasts – how to get smell out of gym clothes? No matter how expensive we buy gym clothes or how hard we do the laundry, gym clothes stink when we sweat. Do you have the same problem? So how do you wash your gym clothes? How to get smell out of gym clothes? I hope the following suggestions will help you.

Why do gym clothes stink?

The fabrics used in gym clothes are generally sweat-wicking fabrics. By increasing the surface contact area on the fabric fiber, wicking material uses the capillary phenomenon to accelerate the absorption of sweat on the body surface and improve the body feeling when wearing.

While wicking fabrics can help speed up the absorption of moisture, they also make it easier to retain detergent during washing. It is because of these residual ingredients, resulting in gym clothes just after washing is fragrant, but as long as wear or sweat a little will smell smelly.

How to get smell out of gym clothes?

1, Be sure to clean in time

When you get home from the gym, be sure to take your gym kit out and put your gym clothes in a ventilated area. The purpose of this is to evaporate the sweat from the gym clothes. It’s important to never wash your clothes the next day or leave your gym clothes in a draft-free place. Because when we sweat, our sweat, oil, bacteria and so on get into our clothes.

how to get smell out of sportswear

Wet clothes are a good place for bacteria to thrive. Therefore, we should wash clothes in time to avoid breeding bacteria. What’s more, the longer you leave your gym clothes, the harder it is to remove any stains. For example, a garment may look clean, but as soon as you sweat, microbes quickly break down the sweat, causing the garment to smell bad.

2, Check and classify

First of all, it is recommended to check the clothes before washing them, such as taking out the contents of the pockets, brushing the sand off the clothes, and so on. Then, sort the clothes. Sort clothes by color and wash dark and light colors separately.

3, Wash by hand or machine

Check the wash label on your gym clothes carefully. If the label says hand wash, be sure not to machine wash. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before washing to avoid damaging the clothes. If there are zippers, it is best to put them in the laundry bag. Because it prevents the zipper from rubbing. If it is women’s sports underwear, it is recommended to use hand washing. If you must machine wash them, put them in a laundry bag to avoid distortion.

how to get smell out of activewear

how to let the gym clothes smell good

4, Do not overuse cleaning agents

It is generally believed that if more cleaning agents, then gym clothes will become very fragrant. It sounds logical, but it’s a mistake. Using too much cleaning agent may cause more serious consequences. You can check the relevant knowledge and use the right amount of cleaning agent to clean clothes. If the cleaning agent is too much, it can cause the clothes to harden and so on. What’s more, residual cleaning agent can also nourish microbes and cause clothing to smell bad.

5, Don’t use softeners

First, the softener changes the elasticity of the garment. Plus, it tends to lock in odors and prevent cleaning agents from getting into tiny areas of gym clothes.

6, Turn the clothes inside out and wash them

Our sweat and oil are mainly on the surface of the clothing, so we can choose to turn the clothing inside out. The idea is to get the detergent in direct contact with the garment, allowing the stain to be cleaned more thoroughly.

7, Dry or sun dry in time

Always dry or sun dry your clothes after washing them. If conditions permit, the best method is sun drying. Because it is a good way to avoid the growth of bacteria.

how to get smell out of the gym clothes

If your clothes still stink after following these tips, try this ultimate solution.

All you need is a washbasin, salt, and lemonade. Here are the steps:

  1. Add a spoonful of salt and a cup of lemon-lime water to a basin of clear water.
  2. Soak the clothes for 20 minutes and then clean them. The gym clothes washed in this way not only have no sweat smell but also have the fragrance of lime. But some bright colors may fade.

A few drops of shampoo added to the basin can have a similar effect.

In addition, we should always keep the wardrobe dry. At the same time, the wardrobe can be ventilated frequently. I hope my suggestions will be helpful to you. At the same time, you can express your own opinion! Have a good day!


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