How to organize workout clothes

Nowadays, fitness is becoming more and more popular. Workout clothes are also becoming more available at home. Faced with so many workout clothes, do you also have a certain annoyance? How to organize workout clothes? What kind of finishing method is the most convenient and the best?

I have the same problem. My workout clothes, including my yoga pants, athletic underwear, casual gym clothes, etc., lie all over my house. When I see clothes piled up everywhere, I feel the urge to sort them out.

At first, I thought organizing my clothes would be a hassle, but it’s not. Do you just throw your gym clothes casually on the stool or sofa? After reading this blog post, you will be a changed man.

In this blog post, you will learn how to organize your workout clothes, how to organize your closet, how to keep your closet dry, and how to effectively remove sweat from your gym clothes.

Sorting clothes is a very happy thing. You don’t want to make it a hassle to organize your workout clothes. It can actually be a fitness program. It can help you burn fat. Save space in your closet for gym clothes.


How to organize workout clothes?

First, take out all your gym clothes and stack them together.

Step one: Classify by species.

Workout clothes can be classified into sports bras, sports underwear, sports socks, blazers, sweatpants, and sports suits. Keep items of the same type of clothing together.

Step two: Organize your sports bra.

I usually store sports bras in the drawer of my closet. Since sports bra tends to distort, I like to store them neatly in the back of my drawer. I also recommend keeping your sports bra or yoga bra in a drawer. At this stage, you can break it down further. For example, you can put the same color together and the same material together.

Step three: Organize your sports underwear.

The arrangement of sports underwear is similar to the arrangement of sports bras. Choose a drawer dedicated to sports underwear. My favorite is to fold my sports briefs in half and roll them up in the back of a drawer. Similarly, it can be summarized by color and material.

Step 4: Organize your sports socks.

Roll up each pair of sports socks. Then select a drawer and put it in.


Step 5: Organize your blazer.

There are many different types of blazers. For example, I divide blazers into sports short sleeves, sports long sleeves, and sports coats. The advantage of this classification is that it is convenient. My choice for these clothes is to hang them. I think a blazer would be good to hang up.

There are many benefits to hanging your clothes.

First, when you open your wardrobe, all the tops are laid out in front of you. You can find the clothes directly according to your own needs, which can save you a lot of time.

Secondly, hanging the blazer is conducive to the storage of the blazer. It won’t wrinkle the clothes. This will save you the time of ironing your workout clothes.

Of course, if you don’t have a place to hang your clothes in your closet, you can also fold them.

①Put a book in the back of your clothes, and then fold the shoulders and sleeves as shown;

② Fold the blazer in half along the side of the book;

③ Pull the clothes out from behind the collar of the blazer;

④ Fold the clothes neatly together!

how-to-organize-gym-clothes how-to-organize-the-workout-clothes how-to-organize-your-workout-clothes how-to-organize-workout-clothes-well.

Step 6: Organize your sweatpants.

Sweatpants also fall into various categories. I classify workout pants as leggings, joggers, and workout pants.

The finishing method of sweatpants is the folding method. In the following, I will introduce four ways to fold pants.

The first method:

Fold the pants into squares and place them upright in a storage basket. The vertical placement of pants can save space so that the storage basket can hold more pants. At the same time, the position of each pair of pants is clearly discernible and easy to access.

The second method:

Roll your pants into a drum shape and line them up in your closet. This type of storage makes full use of closet space and is very friendly to families with little storage space.

The third method:

If you don’t want to waste time folding your pants, you can just hang them. Unlike other items of clothing, pants are long in size, so hang them on top of each other.

The fourth method:

In spring and summer, thin pants appear relatively high, folding storage is a little cumbersome at this time. At this point, you can use a multifunctional hanger to hang it, each hanger can hang multiple pants. One is to save space, the other is to save time. No matter how much you wash your workout clothes, they will still smell bad. I wrote an article about the answer to this question. You can read this article. In that article, I have detailed instructions on how to wash sports clothes.

Step 7: Organize your suit.

Sports suits are best kept together. This will avoid the situation where you can only find a top and not find pants.

If the season is changing, there may be some workout clothes that need long-term storage. At this time, we can use other boxes to store clothes. You can use some boxes. If you want to make it even easier, you can label the outside of each storage box. On the label, you can write down what’s inside, so you can look for it later. Storing it this way will save a lot of space in your wardrobe. This is a good idea for me too.


After you have sorted out your clothes, you must keep the wardrobe dry. Because wet conditions nourish bacteria. So always air out your closet. If you want your clothes to smell better, keep a bottle of perfume out of your closet. Then the clothes come out smelling good.

After each change, remember to put it back where it was. People need to stop messing around with their gym clothes. Take action. Organize your clothes while you exercise. It is sure to be a pleasant activity.

Do you have such a problem-no matter how much you wash your workout clothes, they will still smell bad? I wrote an article about the answer to this question. You can read this article. In that article, I have detailed instructions on how to wash sports clothes.

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Nowadays, workout clothes are not just used for sports. People can wear them on many occasions. The use of workout clothes is becoming more and more widespread. I believe that everyone’s sportswear is particularly much. In the case of more and more sportswear, we must learn how to organize them. This not only helps us save space but also extends the life of the clothes. Do you have the answer now to how to organize workout clothes If you have anything you’d like to post, please come and discuss it.  Have a good day!


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