How To Find Activewear Wholesale Vendors?

How to find activewear vendors? There are 7 channels to help you find wholesale athletic wear suppliers & venders.

1, Search Engine

Search engines are the most important & popular means of foreign buyers looking for vendors. International mainstream search engines include Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. Mainstream B2B platform (Alibaba, MIC, the Global Sources ) plays an advertisement on Google, which further explains the importance of search engines for buyers to look for vendors.

Find activewear wholesale vendors through search engine

2, B2B Platform (Alibaba, Mic, Global Sources)

The B2B platform is a model for e-commerce. For overseas buyers, there is also a certain approval, so the B2B platform has also become the second channel of overseas buyers to find vendors; but the development of the international B2B platform shows a fast decline trend, this also explains why the European and American developed countries have no more well-known B2B platforms. Developed countries such as Amazon have exited to B2C development, China is also transferring to B2C, such as Taobao and Jingdong.

On 1688 Wholesale Market, we can find the 1688 interface. Enter the name of the activewear you want to sell in the input box, there will be a lot of activewear. After screening, you can negotiate cooperation with the vendor through Wang Wang. This is to select vendors based on activewear, of course, there are more direct ways. That is, 1688 market has a vendor option. There are many vendors for us to choose from, you can just click it and view this vendor’s related information.

3, Social Media

International social media mainly include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. Among them, Facebook has steadily accounts for the dominant status of social media, with more than 150 million users, the market share exceeds 18%, so it is also one of the common promotion methods for international trade industries.

4, Foreign Trade Exhibition

Compared with the above three ways, the exhibition is more traditional, but it is also the most direct way of promotion. With the advent of the Internet era, the way of offline promotion has gradually declined, and some disadvantages of the exhibition have gradually been exposed. In addition, due to the special geographical restrictions of buyers and sellers in the foreign trade industry, online promotion has gradually occupied the dominant position of customer development.

Find wholesale activewear manufacturers in exhibition.

5, Wholesale Market

There are all kinds of wholesale markets all over China, such as Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Quanzhou and other cities. The wholesale market has a complete range of activewear and a large number, and the shopkeepers of those wholesale markets are basically vendors. It is easiest to find a wholesale market. The same activewear are generally concentrated together.

6, Custom Activewear Manufacturer

Manufacturers directly produce products and are the best vendors for all businesses. As long as the manufacturer does not stop production, the supply chain will not be broken. However, it needs some courage and strength to cooperate with manufacturers. After all, small sellers can’t consume the products produced by manufacturers. If you have this strength, you might as well try it.

7, Big Seller

Big sellers generally have their own supply channels. At the same time, they also need someone to help him sell activewear and increase sales channels. Therefore, if you have certain store conditions and foundation, you can also directly negotiate and cooperate with the big sellers you are optimistic about, and put the activewear of their stores in your own store for sale. The activewear will be supplied by the big sellers.

To some extent, search engines such as Google, Bing and yandex play the role of traffic makers and attract the visits of Internet users all over the world; The B2B platform diverts and wholesales part of the traffic from the search engine through optimization or paid advertising, and then resells it to B2B charging users.


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