Womens Gym Booty Shorts Wholesale

Womens Gym Booty Shorts Wholesale. Fitness Booty Shorts Manufacturers, Make Your Private Label Yoga Tights Easily at China Price. ISO Induction Line. Multiple Colors & Sizes Available.

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Custom Womens Gym Booty Shorts Wholesale

How to clean womens gym booty shorts?

As gym shorts belong to close-fitting clothes, it is easy to breed bacteria, you should pay attention to cleaning and disinfection every time after you wear them. Although its fabric has good elasticity, it should be prevented from being deformed. Therefore, hand washing is recommended. If the machine is used for washing, it should also be set to gentle mode. At the same time, gym shorts are usually quick-drying, so after washing, just wring out the water by hand and dry it. Do not use washing machine to dehydrate and spin them.

Product features:

1. Elastic fabric: Our sports elastic hip tight shorts are made of high elastic elastic fiber fabric, which can closely fit the body curve, shape a charming hip curve, and showcase your perfect body shape.

2. Breathability: Shorts are made of breathable surface materials to promote air circulation and help sweat evaporate quickly. No matter how strenuous you exercise, you can keep cool and ventilated.

3. Comfortable Fit: Our tight shorts feature smooth stitching to reduce discomfort and friction. At the same time, its soft and smooth fabric texture can also bring you ultimate wearing comfort.

4. Multi functional use: This tight shorts are not only suitable for fitness and sports, but can also be used as a fashionable item for swimming pools or beaches. Its fashionable design and tight fit allow you to showcase confidence and charming demeanor in any occasion.

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